Friday, March 26, 2010

Twilight from an Adult Perspective

Don't know what's up with the "Team Jacob" shirts or the current obsession with Robert Pattinson, who recently had fans that entered a contest to touch the wax version of him in London (and screamed at it like it was him)?

I unfortunately do. I read all four books that have been published (the fifth one on hiatus indefinitely). And I enjoyed reading most of the books, except perhaps the last one which smacked too much stolen from Poppy Z. Brite, a horror author from the 1990s (without the drugs and murder).

The Monkey See Blog over on NPRs website has just finished a blog series on the books that are entertaining all by themselves, but I think are also a good discussion as to what merits being a "classic" or what is just fun reading. They will tell you everything you ever needed to know, if you are not inclined to reading the books (they even suggest reading Wikipedia entries for those that want the full story without watching the movies or reading the books). They are even doing a live chat today at noon for an online book discussion. If you have time check it out, or check out one of the thoughtful posts (and read the comments too!):

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