Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lisa Kudrow found her Ancestors; find yours!

I watched Who Do You Think You Are last night and nearly cried through half of it. Lisa's ancestor's came from Eastern Europe as Russian Jew's in the early 1920s. But her great grandmother stayed and was massacred by the Germans some 20 years later.

The most familiar part of the show was where she was looking up ship manifests for her father's cousin. She was using! And then she actually went to Poland and he was there, 60 years after her father saw him.

So if you haven't used Ancestry: Library edition, please consider it. While it can only be used in the library, it is simply the single most powerful database of genealogy information. Matthew Broderick is going to be on the show next week, searching for his Civil War roots. This is going to be a great show!

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