Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Host: a post summer reading club review

We had so many good reviews over the summer, we didn't want you to miss out on them. So we will continue to post reviews of good books that you've read!

The Host by Stephanie Meyer
I found this book to be a fascinating mix of science fiction and romance. The writing style is much more mature than that of Ms. Meyer's earlier works in the Twilight series, and the book is not "girl-centric" in nearly such an extreme. The plot deals with the idea of whether or not it is worthwhile to give up individuality and passion in order to have a utopian society. it is told through the eyes of Wanderer, an alien trying to suppress the emotions of her host with little success., and the reader experiences the turmoil of this main character when she is faced with the splitting decision of following the heart of her host beating within her or upholding the high and seemingly noble expectations of her own people. I enjoyed the story, and it made me think about things from a different angle than what I had previously considered.
Review by Sheila Hall, Southeast

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