Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clean Kill by Jack Coughlin

Clean Kill by Jack Coughlin/Donald Davis
Clean Kill is the 3rd title in the series about a Marine Sniper who’s operating clandestine missions under MARSOC in the Middle East. In this novel, “Kyle Swanson” and his team was tasked with locating nuclear missiles in Saudi Arabia and bring it back to the U.S. When Kyle Swanson was in the process of locating the missiles, he inadvertently found out that his old nemesis, “Juba”, is still alive and Juba was staging a coupe to overthrow the monarch in Saudi Arabia. Juba was obsessed with getting his revenge on Swanson so he abandoned his coupe attempt and instead decided to steal the nuclear missiles to lure Swanson in. I was a little disappointed with the ending because the final showdown was not sniper vs. sniper. Overall, it’s not the best in the series but worth reading if you’re a sniper junkie.

Review by Tien Tran, patron

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