Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

Bullet, the newest release in the Anita Black: Vampire Hunter series, this book returns to her usual style. For much of the book, it seems as if the mega-series may be drawing to a final conclusion. Many of the ongoing story lines are wrapped up, but then, new, dynamic characters are introduced and a new over-arching disaster-on-the-horizon comes into focus leaving the reader hungry for the next installment. Always strong willed but emotionally confused, Anita is endowed with many of the characteristics of the modern woman. She is growing more comfrotable with her sexuality, but also more strained by the efforts of managing her highly complex life. These books are not for the "prudish" or the faint of heart, but for thos of us who embrace all of the quirks of humanity and life, it is entertaining and fascinating to watch her story unfold and the webs she traps herself in become more complicated and more impossible for her to extract herself from.

Review by Sheila Hall 

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