Sunday, June 27, 2010

Divine Justice: a summer reading club review

Divine Justice: Once again, Baldacci’s Camel Club participates in attempting to save one of its members that has been marked for death. John Carr going by his alias of Oliver Stone finds himself the deadly target of a man he had previously worked with. In an attempt to protect those he knows, he leaves everyone and everything behind. He creates a new alias for himself. In the new life that he makes, his inbred sense of righting wrongs leads him into new danger. He calls out to his former acquaintances to assist in the downfall of a corrupt group of murderers. Instead, he finds himself in a situation that he will be unable to extricate himself.

Read on to discover if it all ends in a place of no return. This is a page turner in the best Baldacci tradition.

Written by Sherry Woods, Southwest Page Turners member

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