Friday, July 16, 2010

The Secret: a summer reading club review

The Secret by Beverly Lewis

The Secret is a compelling novel of depth and suspense. Grace Byler is the heroine. The lush country side of Lancaster PA. is the refreshing back drop. Grace, a humble Amish girl of 22 is driven to serve her family and obey the traditions of the Amish church. Through out the weeks and months Grace's mother roams the hill side at wee hours of the morning. The mother Lettie Byler is deeply troubled. No one knows why. Lettie cries and mopes constantly. Her parents may know but they won't tell. Lettie tries to talk to her despondent husband with out success. Finally, Lettie runs away the night that Grace is secretly proposed to. Grace saw her mother dissapear into a cab at 4 am when Grace was to tell her of the proposal. The book was hard to put down. The final thought is the simple life is not so simple. I reccomend the book to any romantic thrill seeker.

By Bernice B., library patron

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