Friday, July 30, 2010

The Missing: a summer reading club review

Beverly Lewis has created another masterpiece in The Missing. The saga continues as our heroine longs for her mother. All of her clothes a missing, poetry journals and Mamma. Where is mamma?

The only clue is a letter that reads. "Please forgive me. I must do this. There's no telling when I will return." The town and family are in turmoil. Grace ended her engagement to Henry, who is aloof and emotionally un available. Grace and the family struggle to run the cattle farm with out Lettie the mother. Finally lettie reached Ohio and searches for a child she gave away as a teen mother. Will she return to PA and confide in her family her secret. The conclusion will tell all. I wait for the conclusion "the Telling. " This book is another best seller.

By Bell, a library patron

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