Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Library Ninja goes home with a trophy!

For the past 21 years, River Legacy Park has hosted the Cardboard Boat Regatta as a fundraising event for the park, River Legacy Foundation, and educational programs offered by River Legacy. This year’s event, held at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, boasted over 150 boats! Included in that great turnout was Arlington Public Library’s very own Library Ninja. Library staff members Jenny Ethington, Erin Spicer, and Amy Stafford operated the Library Ninja boat, but boat construction included the help of multiple staff members and even a few volunteers.

The Library Ninja made good enough time in the first race to compete in the Semi-Finals, but did not quite finish in time to make it to the Finals. However, Library Ninja did earn the Admiral’s Pride First Place trophy for overall boat design and decoration. All the hard work, persistence, and dedication paid off! The Arlington Public Library should be proud of a job well done.

A very special thanks to Jenny Ethington for the many hours of hard work she put into this endeavor, to Pete Jacobs for helping with the intial boat design, and to Amanda Zayas for her inspiration toward final decoration of the Library Ninja boat. And a super-special thank you goes to the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department for providing life vests and oars to make the Library Ninja boat truly sea-worthy.

2010 Cardboard Boat Regatta winners
Photos of Library Ninja in action!

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