Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting to Know Us: Lee Shqeir

Lee Shqeir
Administrative Services Coordinator, Central Administration

I can’t ever remember a time when reading wasn’t part of my life. I always had access to books at home, school, and the base library. I grew an Airforce “brat” and we lived in many places including Suitland, Maryland, Okinawa, Japan, Naples, Italy, San Antonio, Texas, and Montgomery, Alabama. One library or another has always been part of my memories. I remember as an elementary age child I would have to go to my mother’s work after school, the base pre-school, to wait for her to get off work. I spent every afternoon just reading through the books on the shelf. As I got older, my mother let me go to the base library after school, it was only two blocks from my house and I went there often, just to browse and read whatever caught my eye that day. Sometimes the distant draw of the base pool, playground, or the afternoon matinee at the base theater won over my attention for the day, especially during the summer, but I was a regular fixture at the library. The pool and the theater require some of my allowance; however, the library and the playground were always free.

I was also an avid comic book reader, which I spent my weekly allowance on as fast as I got my hot little hands on it. I would dash down to the PX and buy whichever one suited my fancy that day. – All the Marvel super heroes, Archie, Richie Rich, Wendy and Casper, and even the horror comics. I always dreaded it when it was time for my dad to receive new orders. Not because I didn’t like to move, I knew my mother was going to make me take my treasured box of comic down to the base thrift store to get rid of them before the movers showed up to box up our belongings. I would have gold mine if I still had all those comics today – I usually had a box about the size of a paper case by the time it was time to move again.

My reading style is the same as an adult, I’m not a slave to any particular genre or format, I read any and everything. I also find myself re-reading books that I enjoyed in the past. Why not, it was good the first time. I mostly read fiction–I love a good story from authors such as Stephen King, James Patterson, Anne McCaffrey, Amy Tan, Frank Herbert, Patricia Cornwell, or Larry Niven, to name a few. I even purchased Bulfinch’s Mythology as a young teen at the thrift story and read it cover to cover. If it doesn’t captivate me in the first few chapters, I usually move on–a good story is key for me.

Part of my ritual when I visit home is to browse the bookshelves in my mother’s home and read all her magazines. She always has Reader’s Digest, Reminisce, Birds and Blooms, Popular Science, Time, and Ladies Home Journal. I have my name on a post-it note in the front of several of my favorite books so they can come to my book collection when she passes on. I like science fiction, horror, fantasy, mystery, and novels. Right now, I’m listening to 206 Bones by Kathy Reich, and reading Run for Your Life by James Patterson. I just finished re-reading The Magic Goes Away by Larry Niven and listening to Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It’s all fair game to me, there’s nothing better than a good read.

Favorite Movies that I have watched more than once:

Color Purple

Favorite TV Series:


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