Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Your Mama's Crafts

It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I discovered I am a crafter. Sure, my mom taught me how to crochet when I was in elementary school, but I wasn't any good at it (mostly because I was very, very impatient; okay, I still am). Sewing was out of the question. I would most likely stitch a piece of fabric onto my hand. Sharp objects are best kept as far away from yours truly as possible. I stuck to books, writing, music, and sports. It's okay to get beat up and bruised when you play basketball, but not so much when you're trying to make an afghan.

I took another stab at crafts a few years ago when my best friend, whom I believe is wise in all things artistic (i.e., she doesn't accidentally stab herself with craft supplies on a regular basis) learned to knit and then started teaching knitting classes for TCU's Extended Education program (where she herself first learned). And, holy cow, I wasn't half bad. I have since started sewing MP3 and cell phone holders with felt and even sewing a skirt or two when I feel brave enough (and when I am wearing proper safety gear).

The Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) movement has really thrived in the last few years and there are now tons of great websites, blogs, classes, and books to help even the most clumsy crafter (re: me) figure out how to make something decent. The Arlington Public Library has a great selection of crafting books.

Pretty Little Patchwork by Valerie Shrader

Subversive Seamster
by Melissa Alvarado

Amy Butler's Little Stitches For Little Ones by Amy Butler

Cute Stuff
by Aranzi Aronzo

Big Girl Knits
by Jill Moreno

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano

We even have books for guys!

Son of Stitch 'n Bitch: 45 Projects to Knit and Crochet for Men
by Debbie Stoller

The Crochet Dude's Designs for Guys
by Drew Emborsky

Crafty Blogs & Websites
Get Crafty

If you want more craft book suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog. =)

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