Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Check out stadium acts...at the library!

How about that new stadium? Word is that it's pretty impressive, though I haven't had the opportunity to see for myself (inside that is, as I drive by it every time I come to work). We all know the Cowboys play there, but it is also becoming quite the music venue. I've been impressed by the major headlining acts the stadium has been able to attract, and I'm sure more great shows are on their way. For one reason or another, I imagine most of us won't be able to go see every show. That's okay though, because the library has a great music collection that will include many of these artists as well as your other favorites that don't always make it out to Arlington. If you missed a show this year, try checking out some of these titles (and be happy that you didn't have to fight with the traffic).

Jonas Brothers

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