Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deweying it by the numbers: 700s Baseball

The 700s caught my attention recently. They often do: a whole entire section dedicated to THE ARTS. But these aren't just painting and sculpture: the 700s have comic books and movies and even books on how to decorate your house. Sports are even considered an art. Why? Sports are a recreational art.

You wouldn't think sports were an art around my husband: they are an obsession. He's been engrossed in the highlight of the baseball season: Pudge Rodriguez has returned to the Rangers! Baseball has been on every night since that announcement and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. Although I have started noticing that I am watching the screen more and more and having opinions on Nippert's pitching against Tampa Bay and the amazing win over the Twins. Maybe there is something to this sports thing (as long as we don't have to watch Field of Dreams again--he watches it once a month it seems!).

New Books to Read about Baseball:

Heart of the Game: Life, death and mercy in Minor League America
by S.L. Price
Based off an article for Sports Illustrated, this is a poignant look at the lives of two minor leaguers whose lives drastically altered in 2007 when Tino Sanchez Jr. hit a foul ball that instantly killed Mike Coolbaugh, one of the teams coaches.

Satchel : the life and times of an American legend
by Larry Tye
A portrait of the Negro League pitcher and pioneer in the integration of baseball evaluates the role of discrimination in limiting his career, the Jim Crow biases that prevented his signing with the big leagues until he was in his forties, and his lasting legacy.

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