Friday, January 23, 2009

Resource Spotlight: NoveList

Have you read all the books your favorite authors have written? Are you waiting impatiently for them to publish a new title? Consult the NoveList Author Read-alikes for something to read in the meantime. You might just discover a “new” favorite author this way.

Or you could use the Search function on the NoveList homepage to look up a favorite title. After you click on the title from the results list that comes up, one of the options you’ll see in the Topics area is Find Similar Books. Clicking on this will bring up an interactive list of subjects for the title, that you can select or de-select as you like, then use to search for other titles.

These are just two of the features of the NoveList database. Spend some time exploring it and you are sure to come away with a list of books you’ll enjoy – books you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

NoveList can be accessed from the library’s webpage by clicking on Research Tools, then Library Databases, then Fiction & Literary Criticism, and finally, NoveList. It can be accessed from outside the library in the same way by entering your library card number when prompted to do so.
prepared by Mary Harris

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