Thursday, August 7, 2008

End of Summer Reading

Summer reading is at an end, and I am truly exhausted. Last year I read 40 books, but this year I managed to only read 25. That ends up being about 3 books a week. I know that sounds like a tremendous amount, but it is my number one past time. I read an hour before bed each night and also find time to read while watching (listening to) tv, eating, and even sometimes at traffic lights. Its an addiction. I also took the easy way out this year and read around 10 romance novels and 10 science fiction novels. I wasn't reading Proust or any heavy literature, that is for sure! I am sure, however, that I will get on one of those kicks again when I see another best 100 books list such as Entertainment Weekly's The 100 best reads from 1983 to 2008 (I've read 20) or Modern Library's 100 Best Novels of All Time (I've read 12 of the editors picks, 29 of the readers). And if I really want to make myself feel better about percentages of books read, I can always take a look at the top 100 science fiction--I've read 45 of those.

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