Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Time Blogger

I have been a Librarian for over 20 years. They say it’s never too late to try something new, so here I am blogging for the first time. On more than one occasion I have been asked what I did for a living, and when I told them, they would respond with a variation on the theme of “I bet you read a lot.” They are implying that I just sit around and read books all day. I do read but in my own unique way.

The truth is I usually don’t read a book all the way through from start to finish. Most of the time I peruse to see if it looks interesting and then only read the parts that appeal to me. I don’t know why I do it this way but I do. There are exceptions, one being the selected book for the Southeast Book Discussion Group I lead at the branch I work at. This is because it’s required that I read it, so I can discuss it with the group. Secondly, I usually don’t read fiction but for the above mentioned reason. Thus I get a balanced reading diet due to the book club. It’s nice change of pace from the nonfiction.

A great benefit of being the leader of the book discussion group has been that I have actually read books, the whole book through, and enjoyed them. I have read books I would not normally have read but for the book club. I have been surprised to learn I liked books I didn’t think I would like. And I have expanded my reading interests due to the suggestions others at the group have contributed. It’s been a positive experience.

If you are looking for a reason to read, I would like to recommend to reluctant readers to join a book discussion group at your library of choice. The Southeast, Woodland West, Northeast and Southwest all have groups. You will get motivated to read because you are required to read. Join me in doing a new thing of reading books you may normally not read. Try reading something new, all the way through, from what you usually read.

One recent book I read for the Discussion Group come to mind as being especially enjoyable to read. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a romantic story of how love never ends. It is both tragic and uplifting as characters deal with the long goodbye of Alzheimer’s. It tells the story of the couple Noah and Ellie. They fall in love in the 1940’s and then fall in love again in the 1990’s when Allie is suffering from Alzheimer’s and can’t remember him. It shows that some people take their vows seriously when they say for better or worse when they get married. As a married man I could identify with the husband as he made the choice to love his wife in a difficult situation. It’s a great book, and I enjoyed reading it all the way through, and you will too.

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Mielo said...

I would never have read the Notebook until you gave the description of it. I thought it was just a generic love story but it sounds interesting. I will have to give it a try.